Information on care of in patients

Inpatients at the practice are kept in a comfortable environment where they are monitored and treated commensurate with the animal’s condition, by persons with the requisite level of knowledge and expertise.  Before leaving an animal at a practice, the owner, keeper or carer will be made aware of the level of supervision that will be provided to the animal, particularly the level of supervision outside normal working hours.


Protocols for in-patient care are in place for all staff who are responsible for the care of in-patients.


Vets Now, our emergency provider, take over from us when we close in the evenings and at the weekends and bank holidays. It is always best to call us first as we will either be there to answer your call, or will have an answer machine message with the Vets Now details for you. Vets Now can give you advice over the phone and arrange immediate appointments to see them if it is required.